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Scam Investigation

Connecting all the dots. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

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Diluted 5:1

The ICO price started at $0.5 but the moment when funds were in their hands, multiple changes were introduced (pump tax, price manipulation, etc). Finally, they decided to dilute the market at a ratio of 5:1 and they gained control over the market (95%). With insane bonuses (up to 400%). Wealth has been redistributed to Athene & Reese and the compound members. Those same compound members were then presented as millionaires which they only are in prps money if you can call it that.

PRPs Taken

- $12,730

New coin with the same name but under new rules, holders were convinced they don't deserve to have the same amount of PRPS. Those who sold DUBI - interest from PRPS, were told: We've tracked it all, we know that you've sold DUBI, which means you can afford to buy new PRPS if you want to have the same amount as before.


- $1,000

Those who trusted Athene that DUBI will be used as a charitable token or used in CoS game / DubiEx were completely screwed and lost it all. Official explanation: People who bought DUBI were conspiracy theorists who were plotting against Athene. They tried to bring the project down by buying his Dubi, but they bought the wrong coin.

Shady Refund

- 0.25 ETH

Most people never received their refund. The few who managed to claim it had to deal with Double standards which led to imminent losses. If ETH value went up you would've received the amount of eth re-calculated to actual usd-price but, if ETH value went down you would've received the same amount of ETH you've send. Resulting in you receiving less money no matter the situation.

Black Mailing

- $22,000

Under Athene's supervision, Reese was sending emails to initial investors with threats of forking them out causing them 100% loss if they don't comply with their demands. One case publicly confirmed, another suspicious transaction found here.

Scam Investigation: List

All evidence and claims were double-checked directly with people who were involved or obtained trough Blockchain records. For each category, we've chosen one example and included a link to each finding, this way you can verify it on your own if it's necessary.

This wraps up our investigation. In conclusion we are dealing with a highly sophisticated scam.

Scam Investigation: Text
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