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S E A S O N  1 (2018)

21 episodes

The first season includes rare mp3 files. Subscribe to our youtube channel and get notified upon release.

Coming Soon

S E A S O N  2 (2019)

158 episodes

We are in the process of migrating files from Yashik's channel to PRPs1. The archive will re-opened when the transfer is complete.

Coming Soon

S E A S O N  3 (2020)


Ongoing, updated daily. 3rd season ends when mobile game Clash of streamers is released or when year 2020 ends.

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Bitcoin » we had it stacked really long time ago, and we still have it, we sold some and we bought some back. Bitcoin is actually quite handy. It was also low I think Rafael said it's good to get some... No no no you guys should get PRPS, I mean PRPS is much better than than than bitcoin.

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