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PRPs1 initiative started as an attempt to bring divided fans together and introduced emergency solutions for the Purpose project. As a prevention against scamming, we suggested ideas, where prps/dubi holders would be able to spend their coins on the in-game goods (legacy skins) and support each other's creative content to build an active community. From our side content was delivered however full potential was never reached due to creative differences between official developers and us (initial fans). Over time PRPs1 becomes a gimmick on its own and got known as a meme "is for fun".

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Everything is about T R U S T. But keeping up with promises and bold claims when the crypto project is not legally binding, is much harder than anyone could expect. Meet those who came up with vision as well as those who significantly contributed to its development.

About : Team Members

Athene » CryptoJesus

Creator of PRPs1, PRPs2 and PRPs3

As much as I'm a businessmen I'm also a spiritual leader. You have to earn PRPS by doing good by donating to charities or to Reese. Get Rich or save kids trying. Worst case scenario you still does good and chances are you gonna get your money back 5, 10, 50 fold.

 █ Commands Hard Fork Order - PRPs1 abandoned


Reese Leysen » YesMan/MoneyMan

CEO of Naughty Cult ltd, G4G, Giving Woks, ...

Claimed in Whitepaper: Evidently, I'm very eager to put up a buy wall for at least $1 for all Purpose and DUBI that hits the exchanges for as long as my balance allows it. Of course, none of this is legally binding, as seen in this » promotional video.

 █ Hard Fork Executioner - PRPs1 abandoned


Customer support, CoS Programmer

After the hard-fork your PRPs1/DUBI1 continues to exist (as it’s crypto, it will stay in your wallet), but it won’t be supported anymore by projects from the SingularityGroup or AtheneLive. Before you ask questions, please read our official FAK-u document.

 █ Hard Fork supporter - PRPs1 abandoned


-= yashik =-

Artist, Entrepreneur, PRPs1 Enthusiast

I've made a pledge that I'll create content for people and give them an option to use PRPs1 in a way how it's been promoted. If you are having fun and you do appreciate my effort, use your coin and I'll provide even more... because... PRPs1 is for fun!

 █ Strongly Against Hard Fork - PRPs1 active

Essential Files

PDF documents for Download


by Yashik


by Compound

How it Works

by Compound


by Reese

$$$ Money Trail

ICO + Financial Gains


PRPs Missing

ETH addresses



blockchain report



independent research, evidence of scam

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Our FAQs

You Ask. We Answer.

My coins disappeared where did they go?

Don't panic they are still safely stored in your wallet. All you have to do is add them back, verification token addresses are:

PRPs1: 0x7641b2ca9ddd58addf6e3381c1f994aac5f1a32f

Dubi1: 0xd4cffeef10f60eca581b5e1146b5aca4194a4c3b

Can I still claim my coins or are they lost?

Yes, you can. If you haven’t claimed your coins yet, you will receive unlocked PRPS to your wallet. Follow official instructions » HERE « For further questions contact G4G support. PS: Don't forget, collect them all (PRPs1, DUBI1, PRPs2 + latest version PRPs3)

Hostage situation: My PRPs1 is LOCKED!!!

Unfortunately, we are unable to help since there is no public guideline on how to proceed if you want to unlock your PRPs1. Our source told us they are not too keen to provide this information but, you can still try to contact customer support and ask them politely for advice.

Can I trade PRPs1/DUBI1 on DUBIex?

Sadly not. Official developers decided to use their old coins for the promotion of the new one. Decentralized exchange DUBIex is currently blocking every variant of older coin and instead, you'll be redirected to the latest version they support.

Will I be able to use PRPs1 on this webpage?

Best-case scenario, yes. Currently, we don't have technical skills that would allow crypto integration with this webpage. Maybe in the future when implementation becomes easier (drag&drop widget, then surely yes). For now, our content remains free for everyone.

Value & Price, how much is it worth?

The price instantly dropped to $0 after Athene & Reese announced a new version (PRPs2).  So what is PRPs1 Worth? Not determined by money. Its value comes from sentiment. Tied to our memories it historically becomes a collectible piece.

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Legendary Quotes

About : Testimonials

 ┌  Crypto DUBI stands for Decentralized Universal Basic Income 

​I don't care about universal basic income, I just use it because it's nice buzz word » everybody can relate to it, it's like: aah, maybe I will get it one day.

Athene » source

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