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PRPs1 is for FUN!

Token contract address for verification:

PRPs1: 0x7641b2ca9ddd58addf6e3381c1f994aac5f1a32f

Dubi1: 0xd4cffeef10f60eca581b5e1146b5aca4194a4c3b

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About Us

PRPs1 is token of appreciation ツ

» Cryptocurrency Purpose (PRPS) was introduced as ICO on OCT 13th, 2017. It aimed to solve the biggest humanitarian crisis of our generation (extreme poverty). After multiple fundamental changes on MAR 13th, 2018 market crashed. Joke "it's a SCAM" becomes reality when Athene executed HARD FORK. Side effect » PRPs1 was born.

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Our Activities

Something For Everyone

At the Concert

Meme Gallery

Fun for all ages
Try Not to Smile

Green Screen

Make Your Own Memories

Fresh Projects

Experimental and Breathtaking discoveries

After Party

Together we are making History

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DJ's Crowd

Discord » Secret After Party with Athene

Come Visit Us

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Latest After Party 🐒

🚨 The content and discussion in After Party are emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with. Excessive amount of manipulative techniques like: gaslighting, narcissistic behavior, delusional claims, fomoing, power-tripping and extreme religious opinions with cultish vibes are to be expected.

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⚡ As prevention before brainwashing, we suggest you to find an empathetic group, which is outside of Athene's echo chamber, where you can safely discuss and process intense topics from AfterParty.

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Our Major Goals

To EXPOSE shady crypto practices and Scams
Spreading awareness through Entertaining way

Explosive diversion

Fun is an illusion. We go deep. Every joke and meme hides the truth of what happened in the past and reflects on it.

That is our way through which we spread awareness.

To document and analyse

The natural cycle began with over-hyped crypto. We are here to archive delusional claims, to observe behavioral changes and unusual patterns. This era will come to an end with "Clash of Streamers" release day.

Life course correction

Have you heard about Athene's movement CLICK? We know how to un-click!
Our projects were specifically designed not to doubt, but to ask the right questions. The ripple effect is imminent.

PRPs SCAM VS Justice

How and when did it happen? Blockchain evidence and rock-solid proofs are all around us, yet no one successfully explains it. We will do our best to expose this shady business. Starting now » the investigation board.

Special thanks go to our King who gave us valuable advice: do not settle down. Find like-minded people and organize yourself, then you can achieve a bigger impact.

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